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Спойлеры 445

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A more detailed (I hope cos I didn't really check) summary from me:

Ichigo's fullbring has evolved and Tsukishima attacks. Apparently Ichigo has a "clad type fullbring" it's the same as his bankai. Chad notes that his shihakusho changes with his sword and like Ichigo had said his clothing is a part of his bankai it’s the same here, so he is literally engulfed in his bankai. For Ichigo to wear his power represents his true self.

Tsukishima comments about the dollhouse, its contents are ejected if it's damaged; he wonders how Ichigo could have become so good at using his fullbring so quickly. Ichigo has no idea who Tsukishima is so he is a bit offended.

Chad freaks out when he realises that Ichigo doesn't know about the guy and attacks. The others complain about paying for the damage and dealing with the police etc after the explosion Chad makes. Ginjou lectures Chad, he thinks they can tell Ichigo about Tsukishima now but Chad reminds him that they don't even know how powerful Ichigo's fullbring is yet or if he can handle it. Chad says that if Ichigo found out that Tsukishima attacked Inoue he would go nuts and it would affect his abilities.

Ichigo overhears and realises the situation, he asks Tsukishima if he is the one who also attacked Ishida. His reply is like "well what do you think?" This causes Ichigo to attack him. They fight and Tsukishima is amazed at how well Ichigo is using his fullbring but comments that
It is still ridiculously incomplete.

Tsukishima demonstrates that if he focuses on Ichigo's right arm it loses its fullbring shroud completely rendering it useless. Ginjou decides that he will have to step in.


Вы здесь » Аниме весь день смотри! » Спойлеры » Спойлеры 445

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